5. showing the front and back of a round silver bangle with four hares and two moons
6mm wide
8. wrapped silver ring - haring along with a friend - 10mm wide at widest point in the front, slimmer around the back for more comfort.
9. Dangeling hare and moon earring, quite a statment. 75mm high.
10. Red hare jumping through silver moon. 75mm high.
11. A pendant with a difference - a hare tube, grainy tube with a smoth hare and two snake chains slipped through, easy to wear day in day out.

12. ear studs where the hares are really visable. 10mm fron paw to hoof.


red gold hare on silver ring
13. Textured silver wrap ring with 9ct red gold hare and brass full moon.
10mm at widest 1mm thick.

14. wrapped silver ring sits comfortably displaying hare with new moon.
6mm wide

15. silver hare stud sits comfortably, stays in position 25mm wide.

Gambowling Hare pend
16. Haring along! Smooth finish silver and coloured moon. 65mm high.

Coper HarePen
17. Silver grainy texture revealing the new moon and running copper hare. 65mm high

18. Silver grainy texture revealing the new moon and running hare, an attention grabber that looks lovely for every day or special occassion.

Silver bracelet with running hares - variable size

Sara Lloyd-Morris
Contemporary handmade jewellery from Wales                01834891543

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Hares Please click on each image to see the information on each piece

h1 Silrh
StoneHare boxing Hares
HareBrach Earth hare
Bracelett GambowlHare
HareMoonEar HareMoonNec
TubeHare HareOnBrassEar
SquareHare HareMoonR2
SqRunH Harepend3
HarePend4 HarePend5

1.copper red pendant with brass surround with silver hare on silver chain -
total length 18" pendant 40mm wide

2. front opening, reticulated silver hare pendant with brass surroundon on heavy (3mm) snake chain -made to sit comfortably at the top of the chest bone.
pendant 35mm across - on 16" chain

3. copper edged silver running hare with river stones and textured silver
100mm wide

boxing Hares
4. Boxing hares in bronze and brass on textured silver pendant, front opening.
28mm wide on 3mm silver snake chain, can be longer if you like.

5. silver open bangle of four brass and copper hares and brass moon.
6mm wide 1.5mm thick

6. dangeling earrings of running hare in brass on silver moons.