gambowling Hare
9. silver wrap-over ring, gambolling hare and running brass hare.
10mm wide at widest point.
10. wrap-over silver ring, silver running hare and new moon in brass.
7mm at widest point

11. textured silver wrap-over rings.
top ring. 8mm wide
ring below 6mm wide

12 pic
12. silver ring edged in 18ct gold - featuring texture taken from ancient water worn rocks high up in the mountains. (Can be made in white and yellow gold.)
9mm wide (can be made narrower)
13. from my 'Mountain range' - Silver ring featuring textures found on a rock high up in mountains.
The rock texture has taken thousands if not millions of years to be created as it was laid down under a sea and is now ontop of a dry mountain, the rain has created the lines as water rivelets have eroded the rock away.
9mm wide
14 pic
4. from my 'Mountain range' - amazing textures found on an ancient rock high up in the mountains, the texture is formed by water running down it forming riverlets wearing the rock away over time.
8mm wide
to size P

Sara Lloyd-Morris
Contemporary handmade jewellery from Wales                01834891543

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Rings All these rings are made of silver and wrap-over so the size can be adjusted.
For details click on thumb nail image


1. silver ring with silver, copper and brass textured landscape detail wrapped around - earthscape range.
10mm at widest point - adjustable size

2. Silver ring featuring copper-red, silver and brass with 18ct highlight - earthscape range
10mm wide at widest point - wrap over ring - adjustable size.

3. wrap-over silver textured ring, 18ct gold flash and moonstone, variable ring size

5.silver wrap over ring with brass running hare and copper full moon
10mm at widest
£ 85

7. silver wrap over ring with silver running hare and new moon in brass -
10mm at widest point -

6. silver wrap over ring with copper hare and new moon -
10mm at widest point -

4. silver ring, running hare in brass with copper hills - hare range.
12mm at widest point - variable size wrap over ring.

8. silver wrap over ring with copper red hare and brass new moon
10mm at widest